State Offers Advice to Homeowners as Snow Thaws

As the first signs of spring become evident around Connecticut, the state is offering advice to homeowners whose properties could be affected by leaks from melting snow.

Officials are urging homeowners to check roofs both from the outside and the attic if possible. Look for signs of water damage to ceilings and walls, and clear all gutter spouts of snow so they can drain properly.

Regardless of whether you need repair work, seek out and research registered home improvement contractors so you know who to call in the event a problem arises.

All contractors should be registered with the Department of Consumer Protections and have proper liability and worker’s compensation insurance, where applicable.

Ask subcontractors working on your home to sign lien wavers to protect you if they aren’t paid, and avoid salesmen who offer to handle all insurance claims or promise there won’t be a deductible.

Obtain a written contract before any work starts, and never pay in full up front. Pay enough to cover the start of the job and continue to pay as work progresses. Make a final payment only after the job has been finished and you’re happy with the quality of the work.

You can verify a contractor license online or call the Department of Consumer Protection at 800-842-2649.

Anyone with problems, questions or concerns should call the DCP or email [email protected] Insurance questions should be sent to [email protected] or 800-203-3447.

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