Roofing Services

Basic Cedar Roof Maintenance includes pressure washing, debris removal, cleaning to remove algae, fungi, moss, etc., and application of a wood preservative.  Annual inspections keep tabs on your roof to determine when this maintenance is required, but it’s usually needed every 3 to 5 years.

Skylight Repair: Fixing a leak is the number one reason homeowners call for skylight repair. About 90 percent of all leaks are caused by a “flashing” problem. Flashing is a piece of metal that sits flush against a skylight opening and sweeps away any water.

Chimney Flashing: Fixing a leaky chimney flashing is the second most needed reason homeowners call. Almost all leaks are caused by a “flashing” problem. Most issues can easily be repaired by a service professional can be expected to remain watertight for a long time.

Roof Cleaning is affordable and prolongs the life and appearance of your roof. Your roof is the single most valuable component of your home and it deserves to be protected from mold and fungus. Mold prevention is key to keeping your roof beautiful.